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Sundance Research Institute is a woman-owned small business founded in response to recognition that many communities, Native American Tribes, and local governments serving economically disadvantaged populations have limited resources to address disparities in housing, health, education, and economic opportunity.

Since 2008, Sundance Research Institute has worked with communities to provide technical assistance and services to plan, develop, and implement strategies and programs to improve outcomes. We assist these communities to identify community needs and resources; develop innovative strategies for addressing priorities; seek funding from Federal and private sources to support and implement new programs; and provide training to strengthen skills of local workforces to manage programs effectively.

Sundance Research Institute is committed to the principle that successful programs are those that are designed and implemented by community leadership and members. Our role is to provide support through specialized technical assistance and services that will increase the abilities of our clients to achieve their goals to improve housing, health, education, and economic opportunity that benefits residents of these communities.

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