Training and Technical Assistance Projects

Monitoring Services for Tribal Injury Prevention Cooperative Agreements

Sundance Research Institute, under subcontract to Econometrica, Inc., assisted the Indian Health Service (IHS) to monitor and provide technical assistance for 33 Tribal Injury Prevention Cooperative Agreement Program (TIPCAP) grantees in 8 IHS areas.

TIPCAP provides funds to American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal organizations to develop their infrastructure and capacity in injury prevention. Econometrica and Sundance Research Institute provided oversight and technical assistance to the 33 TIPCAP grantees in support of IHS’ goal of increasing accountability. Specifically, Sundance Research Institute staff members were responsible for performing the following tasks:

  • Conducting semiannual conference calls with each TIPCAP grantee. The calls included an assessment of each grantee’s progress toward written objectives and requirements, an account of barriers and challenges, identification of each grantee’s needs, and technical assistance. In addition, calls sometimes involved a discussion of program updates, methods to improve overall grantee performance, and general technical guidance.
  • Conducting ongoing training on community-based injury prevention. Sundance Research Institute developed worksheets to document each assigned grantee’s injury prevention goals, progress toward those goals, and parties responsible for tasks; annually reviewed and updated the TIPCAP Handbook; and responded to technical assistance requests as needed.
  • Planning and participating in the Annual TIPCAP Workshop. The workshop included effective strategies in injury prevention, strategies in capacity building and sustainability, resource development, skill-building exercises, and networking.
  • Providing ongoing training and technical assistance, identifying grantees that experienced challenges and developing corrective action steps, and compiling an annual profile of each grantee.
  • Conducting site visits. Sundance Research Institute staff members visited assigned TIPCAP grantees once per year. The purpose of the site visits was to assist grantees in accomplishing program goals.

This contract was awarded for a 5-year period to provide services on an ongoing basis to the 33 Tribal Injury Prevention grantees.

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